GobekliTepe is perhaps the most mentioned place in the news and speculated archaeological site especially in the last 20 years. It was discovered in late 1980s by the local farmer, and excavations are ongoing since then. GobekliTepe is located about 20 km northeast of Sanliurfa. The huge anthropomorphic pillars are extraordinary for this time of mankind which dates back to about 13000 BC. Those colossal statue like pillars with some carvings and reliefs are very unique and dates back to around 9000 BC. So far, the archeologists didn’t find any ceramics, and nor any signs of the settlement here. However in the close vicinity of the GobekliTepe seems to us a very sophisticated and well organized society should be living back then. The GobekliTepe site looks us a kind of early religious cult center and the pilgrimage area during the Neolithic ages.The mystery of the GobekliTepe: Its shrines were buried by her own people who were living nearby there on purpose, The reason is still unknown by the historians up to now.
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