Ashlynn Jones | Harding University | Searcy

“In the summer of 2021, I went to Turkey for the first time with my two other friends. For a period of that trip, we spent time in Ephesus. One of my friends had Omer as one of her tour guides through Harding University’s study abroad programs. She mentioned we would be in Ephesus, and Omer openly invited all three of us into his home. Not only that, but he provided us with transportation and gave us great recommendations on what to do and where to go while in Ephesus. Omer treated me like his family, and made our trip to Turkey very enjoyable! If given the opportunity again, I would go on another one of Omer’s cultural tours with any hesitation. He is so personable, and I would recommend him as a professional tour guide to everyone! Thank you again for your great hospitality, GuideOmer.”

Dimitris Papadopoulos | Athens - Greece

“Mr. Omer Elkay is real professional excellent English-speaking government licensed tour guide that I had the honor and privilege to meet and be guided when I was touring in Turkey. He has a wide range of knowledgeable in history, archaeology, civilization, and culture. He wants to share all that about his country. He is very kind open-minded, and friendly gentleman with his warm smile. His sense of humor is unique one! He’s the best touristic advertisement for Turkey. I will definitely come back to this friendly country because I love my Turkish friends and dear Mr. Omer has been very helpful in every way during the tour. Efcharisto poli or Cok tesekkur ederim!”

Clay Beason, Ed.D. | Professor at Harding University

“I have been fortunate to tour with Omer on several occasions in Turkey.  Omer is extremely knowledgeable, flexible, funny, and kind.  Omer adjusts his presentation based on the nature or makeup of the group.  He caters each day to the desires of the group.  It is fine to have an itinerary and follow that itinerary, and it is fine to adjust the itinerary based on weather, crowds, unique situations, etc.  I would not travel to Turkey without Omer as our guide!  He is the best and I can not wait to go back to Turkey!” 

Noah Evans | HUG

“I can not overstate this when I say that Omer is an amazing tour guide! He goes to great lengths to make sure your stay is one to remember. I will forever remember the nights we spent dancing with Omer in local Turkish cafes. If you are looking at another guide for your stay then you are looking in the wrong place! Omer is a friend I will have for a lifetime!”

Daniel Adams | MF Director
Harding University in Greece

“Turkey is a wonderful country, filled with significant and beautiful places. Our university groups have enjoyed getting to know these special places with Omer Elkay. Omer is such an engaging, enjoyable, and knowledgeable guide. We have grown to consider Omer as part of our family when we have the opportunity to visit Turkey.”

Marion Blank & Joan, Victoria
British Columbia, Canada

“We had two remarkable tours with Omer, in 2015 and 2018. He was an expert guide who was outstanding. He was passionate, informative, engaging and very entertaining. The itineraries were very well thought out. The accommodations were outstanding. The food was always amazing. Every detail was taken care of and we felt so valued. Truly an amazing guide and tour provider… just outstanding… We are planning other journey with Omer in the future soon…”

Christian Nicolaides | AristotitleTravel | Athens - Greece

“Our guide Omer Elkay is made of a combination of qualities related to personality traits and professional skills.
He delights his guests as he is enthusiastic, sharing his knowledge in an engaging, interactive and entertainment way. He is communicative, has an outgoing friendly personality, a subtle sense of humor cracking a joke in any crisis. He is a decisive tour leader in a group. He is able to translate experience and common sense into firm quick actions whenever needed. Among his many qualities are: organization, punctuality, capacity to handle various situations, patience, positive thinking and energy, empathy, passion for his work, high sensitivity…
He is always willing to learn and improve. Omer speaks fluently and coherently. He is very good with “difficult people”, too demanding guests. His behavior on and off duty has always been excellent and I can recommend him in every respect without any hesitation.”

George F. Manetas | The World Traveller | Athens - Greece

“Dear Omer,

I have travelled a lot in all 5 continents and I can say that there are average tour guides, and then there are the ones people remember forever. You’re the one on the top among them.

You’re deeply knowledgeable, and can answer any questions. You are confident with the details of your difficult job. You make people laugh with your jokes and bright sense of humor. You listen to your guests’ needs and go the extra mile always. I have appreciated your professionalism. You’re a true friend and you’re most welcome to come to Greece and you have a house to stay. I highly recommend you as a fine experienced tour guide and a very trustworthy friend.
George F. Manetas”

Nathan Howard | University of Tennessee |
at Martin

“I have known Omer since 2011. He is passionate and knowledgeable, a professional in every sense. You will not find a better guide in Turkey. I always seek his services when I go to Turkey, whether I am leading students on travel study or when I am visiting more isolated regions as part of my research.”   –Nathan Howard, Professor of History, University of Tennessee at Martin, author of Christianity and the Contest for Manhood in Late Antiquity: The Cappadocian Fathers and the Rhetoric of Masculinity (Cambridge University Press, 2022).

Rhona Rombro | Rainbow Travel | Orlando

“Your country is wonderful! Istanbul is exotic! The Blue Mosque is breathtaking! Hagia Sophia is absolutely superb! Topkapi is so interesting! But the most memorable part of our Turkish journey is our charming, delightful, kind, knowledgeable, helpful, and great sense of humor guide. How fortunate our group was to have had such good luck in obtaining the best guide in all Turkey!! Omer, you made our stay wonderful, and we shall always have fond memories of you & Turkey. I hope our paths will cross again one day.”

Dylan Holland | HUG

“I absolutely loved having Omer as our fabulous tour guide. He is knowledgeable, funny, and so friendly! It’s great to say that even though I live in the States, I have a reliable friend in Turkey that I can visit when I go back. If you are touring Turkey, you must tour with GuideOmer!!!”

Richard Luduena | San Antonio, Texas

“Omer is an amazing guide. My family and I have done many tours with many guides and he could be the best guide we have ever had. He is knowledgeable, prompt, and organized and has a wonderful sense of humor.”

Cassie Copeland | HUG

“GuideOmer is the best of the best! My first trip to Turkey in Istanbul he was my guide. My time in Istanbul was amazing and he took care of everyone in the group and shared very knowledgeable information and showed us the best things in Istanbul. From this trip, I always wanted to go back to Turkey and explore other areas outside of Istanbul. My second trip to Turkey, Omer invited me and my friends to his home in Ephesus like family and royalty. We stayed in his beautiful home in Ephesus-Selcuk. He made us the most beautiful program during our stay in Ephesus. Sad to leave to our next destination in Turkey, he drove us 3 hours to the next city instead of us taking the bus. Very thoughtful, welcoming, and importantly very fun! We laughed and had a very memorable trip thanks to Omer. He’s not a boring guide, very fun and treats all guest like family.”

Caren & Bud Zisson | Florida

“Omer made our trip to Cappadocia, Ephesus and Istanbul so very special! He seems to know everybody there, and we were able to meet people, go places and do things that other guides cannot offer. He knows Turkish history, politics, and all the best places to visit, eat and shop. He even gave us great information and even contacts about other remote areas in Turkey that we visited after 10 days in Cappadocia, Pamukkale and Ephesus! He is the best and most memorable guide that I have ever had in any country. You can’t go wrong with Omer the Magnificent.”

Rich & Leslie Kramer | San Hose, CA

“To our new friend, Omer. We are looking forward to your visit to the U.S. with great anticipation. Thank you so much for making our vacation so special. You are definitely a world class guide. Please keep in touch with us.”

Carl Siegel | USA

“Omer was a great joy as our guide. He has a great personality – bright, cheerful and fun. He has also a fountain of knowledge about Turkey, Istanbul, Cappadocia and Ephesus. We do recommend him very highly.”

Bob & Nada | USA | RLGTravel Club

“I wanted to express to you how grateful and thankful Nada and I (Bob), were to have had the pleasure of meeting you, on our recent trip to Turkey. You made our time in Turkey very meaningful with your vast and SUPREME knowledge of your country’s history and it’s heritage. I would certainly recommend Omer, to anyone touring Istanbul and surrounding area, with the ‘highest’ level of confidence! On a personal basis, I hope that you are doing well, and that you have a very successful 2017! Sincerely, Bob.”

Darby and Chris Riley | San Antonio, TX.

Omer was dignified and educated. Proud of his country and its history.  Well connected. Speaks English very well.  Gave us a good tour of Ephesus. Took us to a genuine Turkish restaurant and then to a rug merchant which included showing us how the rugs are made starting with the silkworm!  He answered all of our questions and had a great knowledge of his country’s long history.  He is a very happy person and was a pleasure to spend the day with him.”

Otis Rita Burnside | San Antonio, Texas

“Talking about an unbelievable coincidence:  Meeting Omer at a local event (he was visiting friends here in the US) just a few months before we were departing with friends on a cruise to Greece and Turkey. After hearing about our travel plans/itinerary, he immediate offered to be our private tour guide in his home country. I was delighted to accept his offer as I found him immediately to be very respectful, charming and most of all  – his English language skills to be outstanding. Our travelling companions agreed with our choice; thus the four of us met Omer at the pier in Ephesus where our cruise ship was anchored.  We spend the day with him (and the van driver) touring this incredible place. We were very much impressed by Omer’s knowledge of the history – facts and figures – and his professionalism. Enjoyed the entire day trip – in spite of being dredged by an unexpected rain shower.  We highly recommend Omer; he truly was a fine tour guide, wished more of them were like him.”

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